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Administrator, BOSTON USA


Accountant, LONDON


Internet Entrepreneur, LONDON


Jewellery Maker, Herefordshire


This could be you, NYE


This could be you, NYE

Member Success Stories

Words of inspiration from some of our wonderful Members

"So much value in the Membership Group Marilyn, so thrilled I joined!! And considering how few of us there are in this group at the moment ... I find the quality of the interaction extraordinary!! You draw a mean crowd Ms Devonish!!"

"Just listened again to the reading...amazing how my month has played out....and how my Mum said how much more relaxed and at peace I was on my Easter visit...and how exploring my options played out in the ThinkTank Thursday question...on managing a portfolio career!!"

"Worth every penny idea why on earth more people haven't joined!!! You are GOLD!!"

Kay Westmorland

"You will truly enjoy this! Best description- it's like "The Magic", with triple shots of espresso...Boom! xoxo Blessings and Welcome!"

"As far as methods - although written posts I know are probably the most time consuming to execute with taking time to write it but it's still my fave way as I'm old school that way. It's great because then we can jump in whenever we like and as we go along."

"I can not think of anything I would drop or change or even offer as I think all all has evolved in such a balanced way and we are covering every great aspect of self-development through motivation, inspiration, wisdom, bouncing ideas or problems off each other, feel good stories, goal setting and all with a touch of spirituality in the sense of incorporating divine beings and energies into the mix."

Sonny Olmo

"Welcome to the best facebook group so much inspiration and positivity here and there is so much in the way of fab content in here."

"I am so excited by something I learnt from a great speaker about asking yourself empowering questions. That combined with the magic that Marilyn Devonish brings I feel really grateful to be experiencing all these synchronicities and have met such amazing people. Thanks everyone in this group it is the best most interactive places I have joined! Feeling very grateful x"

Naomi Tamayama

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Reasons why our Members love the Group


"The dots for me are connecting rapidly again after a what has felt like a long stroke of the pen between one dot and the next.

Being connected here in this group, learning from Marilyn, and putting it all together, is so valuable to me. And being reminded of how poorly you were too Marilyn (I'm pretty bad but thankfully not as bad as you were) reminds me that I can and will sparkle again.

Thank you thank you thank you! ❤️❤️❤️"

Personal Readings

"I just can't thank you enough Marilyn - I'm sure I can go on and I apologize to all for this crazy long feedback but it was too amazing not to tell you. It sounds like we've all hit a jackpot of angelic insight with your Tarot Tuesday this week! Thank you beyond words!"

"Tarot Tuesday is my favourite day! xxxx"

"That's exactly what I need right now ... That is the second thumbs up from the medical profession 👍👍. Thank you Archangel Gabriel"

Monthly Features

We have a number of themes that are featured throughout each month:








New Features

We'll be launching something new each year in order to keep the group fresh and relevant.

This year we started the year-long Access Abundance Programme designed to provide Members with consistent support around opening up new possibilities, releasing old judgements and limitations, resolving negative emotions, overcoming blockages, and stepping into the greatness of you.

Last year I introduced the 5 Minute Healing Miracle because it changed my life in ways I didn't think possible in as little as 3 to 5 minutes a day.









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