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How would you describe your "Money Relationship?"  

Is stressful, abusive, chaotic, or kind, loving and in flow? Does it float or sink you? Fill you with joy or a sense of fear panic and dread?

Taking the 28-Day eCoaching Program to the next level, the Raising Your Money Energy Vibration Program is about changing the relationship, energy, and dynamics between you and money .

Fall back in love with yourself first and value your sense of worth and the rest will follow.


Below are the packages available. Each offers a more in-depth exploration of the soul, energy, beliefs and vibration around money.


10-Part Online Money Vibration Energy TranceFormation Series

10-Part Series - Pre-Launch Price



Package 1 + 28-Day eCoaching Program

10-Part Online Series + eCoaching Program Pre-Launch Price



Packages 1 & 2 + 6-Hour Money Breakthrough Session

Complete Package Pre-Launch Price



Money Breakthrough 1-Day Webinar Training

Condensed version of the 10-Part Program


We Provide Only the Best In-Person and Online Training

With over 18 years in the Personal Development field and qualified in over 20 different Coaching and Therapy Modalities, Marilyn Devonish will expertly guide you on a journey of discovery. Always an innovator, she continues to offer new and powerful ways to improve your mental health and expand your physical and emotional wellbeing. Marilyn works with both individuals and corporations and has facilitated Workshops around the world.


Menu Options

Our aim is to provide you with access to the tools, processes and modalities to best deal with the biggest and most common money energy challenges. You can choose to follow along live or access the Replay Recordings at your own pace.

Everything is Included

There are a myriad of issues and avenues to be explored so all 10 Modules are included in the investment. You can also create a more bespoke solution by choosing one of the optional Packages.

Bite Size

It's a big topic to cover so the Program is designed make all aspects available in a way that is easy to understand, digest and implement.



"So, I said I'd share with you my experience of the talk with money Exercise. Well, in short it was deeply profound. It was so clear and strong it felt like money had been waiting for this opportunity to have a talk with me ......."

- 28-Day Money Breakthrough Program Participant

"Hi Marilyn, Little update on the finances, for the first time in 4 years both my business and personal bank accounts have + above 0 balances!!!!! It is major! I am really happy I reached this first milestone and I am sure it wouldn't have happened without your great support."

- Money Breakthrough Session Client

"Marilyn I had a few realisations since our release session. I finally feel like I am doing the right thing career wise with game and gamification design, last weekend I took part in a game jam (a 48 hour non-stop design and development competition) and it all felt like I had finally come home or found a home for my skills. As a team of very unlikely matches we won best team and were in the running for best game and best innovation too."

- Money Breakthrough Session Client

"Marilyn I would thoroughly recommend you as a Presenter, Host and Trainer. She is a radiant soul and always provides inspiration to learn something new." MONICA DOUGLAS CLARK, REBEL REV

If you are ready to shift and change your money beliefs, take a trip back into your past and out into your ultimate best future, and TranceForm your energetic relationship with money whilst creating the magical ripple effect in other areas and aspects of your life sign up using the buttons below. Because we are still in pre-launch they will take you to directly to the respective PayPal page.

DISCLAIMER: The Program in no way offers financial advice and is for entertainment purposes only. Participants are responsible for their own actions and decisions taken.